Graeme Arthur

Graeme Arthur


14 things I learned from church sound


14 things from 14 years of church Sound

in no particular order.

1) it’s never just a couple of mics

You know for that event! it’s not likely to “just be a couple of mic’s” Talk through whoever it is planning their event, even if the requirements are small. walking through it step by step may seem silly but better than missing something or having it thrown in on the day and others thinking “it’s not a big deal”

2) Love thy team / build a team

Yes YOU have to love your team, if you are doing it solo, get some support in building a team, even if it’s just one extra person. If you want to be able to take holiday’s and not stress you’ll need someone else who has your back. A small team is still a team.

3) no one will care as much as you

Yes keep coiling those cables properly. Other people, even other people on your team won’t always care as much as you. Most aren’t in as early as you and no they won’t be as committed as you. so YOU take the time to get them “just right” keeping things where they should go. I know you care and I know it’s hard work but people do appreciate(especially your future self when you come to use it), I know Jesus does even if other people don’t always seem to.

4) its all about the relationships.

Invest in the relationships, not just in your team but with Worship Leaders, Worship Pastor & Senior Leadership. The pay off will be worth it in the long run.

5) buy less gear but buy the good stuff (& the right stuff for your venue).

buy portable gear for portable, build a flexible system for installs Part of preparation really, work out what you need and then get it. even if it means limping along with what you have for a while longer. Once you have equipment that works well you’ll appreciate it and others will likely see or hear the benefits and gain you trust as you produce more reliable

6) Pray -

Things change when you pray, Pray for support, pray for your pastor, pray for your family, your team and your church.

7) You need support from your senior leadership

I know you arrive early, leave later than anyone else and sometimes it can feel like your the keeper of the church as you’re there enough and it’s great that you feel ownership. Make sure you have support of the leadership. You need that cover from “aunt Mildred” who just simply thinks its too loud (when what she probably means is she doesn’t like the drums)

8) arrive early

Just do it, have a call time, before the band. EVERY WEEK. it’s not worth not getting there before them. have a time that you shoot for and beat it 90% of the weeks if you can.

9) there is always more to do! protect against burnout

With all this arriving early and extra prep and leaving late, there is a tension to manage and that is making sure you don’t burn out, leadership and team here is the key. My leaders have always backed me 100% and I thank God for that, I wouldn’t be where I am now without that.

10) Practice

Yes we know you feel like quiting some weeks, for some it feels like that every week and it’s a slog. I’ve been there and I know your pain. Keep going, listen, try again, improve, prepare, try new stuff practice your mixing anywhere you can, listen to music, listen to the songs, watch videos about your desk (if you are digital) Take time to hone your craft and sorry without a virtual soundcheck you are practicing week by week and

11) Listen

use your ears. Listen to how it sounds and make it better

12) Work with what you have (band and gear) “excellence” “be excellent”

Know thy gear be thankful

13) keep it tidy as much as possible.

Keep things tidy as much as possible, I know the place is to get used but keep things tidy as much as you can and encourage your team and others to keep the building and your production areas tidy as well.

14) Victory Love’s preparation

Prepare, Prepare, Prepare. Plan everything you possibly can. and make sure everybody knows what you are up to before the day. Everything goes better this way.