Graeme Arthur

Graeme Arthur


Day 2


“every day I … “

My struggle and failure to find a todo app, and how I freakishly found a solution because of my desire for getting things just so, combined with my laziness.

After trying every todo list app on the planet, and reminiscing about my paper diary days a 4 or 5 month’s ago I switched over to a daily paper todo list just for the things I want to accomplish that day.

I use Google keep for my longer term todo’s and a combination of calendaring and Google keep reminders for things That I have to be reminded about.

I use Printable Checklist to add the things I do every day, I have a bunch preprinted and just grab one every day. if I miss a day I don’t feel guilty as there is no record kept, I just throw that day’s paper away when I’m done.

The Fives

What sparked it all off was I started to edit my music collection in Google music, I added my library but a lot of it is tagged incorrectly, I spent hours trying to fix it and got loads done, but got fed up fixing it and annoyed when I spotted one without the proper artwork or other problems. the solution, do a little bit every day.

Google Music

Now I fix 5 albums in Google music every day. it’s easy to do, makes me happy and my collection is slowly becoming tamed :-)

A “fix” can be as little as adding artwork or removing numbers from the track names to uploading and checking new album I’ve recently got, or listening to some unnamed ones to find out what they are. it doesn’t take long and I feel like I’ve accomplished something.

I’ve added to this my feeds that I read everyday, I review 5 of them to see if they are still relevant to me and producing quality content, if not they go.

I’m also trying out other things such as contacts and people I follow on social media, I don’t want to add to many other “daily tasks” as I like it doesn’t take too long currently and feel motivated