Graeme Arthur

Graeme Arthur


King vs Ashley


Pro King vs Pro Mike Ashley

a somewhat fair and balanced aproach for Rangers winning.

as I continue to watch with sheer horror and untold frustration I wonder what the future holds and am these days no longer surprised at who is stealing money out of Rangers … and although Im probably not able to exert the trumendus influence over the final outcomes of how this all gets resolved, For my own peace of mind I had to put “pen to paper” so to speak. and detail what each of the options can and is likely to bring.

okay so it doesn’t really matter too much what the fans think does it? but we will have an opinion either way as much as we will have a winner emerge either way.

What are their moral’s & PR strategy?

Are they a “Rangers Man” ?

Do they have the Money to rebuild the club?

How much control do they want and have?

What outcome do they want?

Profit & business acumen?

Potential Problems